Tuesday, January 6, 2009

sadiq public school

I have been studying at Sadiq Public School for the past 12 years. Now in April 2009 I will graduate from this wonderful school where I have tons of memories with my friends. We had moonlight food feasts around the swimming pools but never were we caught by our housemasters!

The picture on the left is the main academic block in 1954 but now there are more trees on the school campus than the whole of bahawlpur. (see on the top right corner).


  1. Saad some friends are really special. i am gonna miss u man.

  2. I studied at Sadiq from 1986 to 1998, and what wonderful days were they. It's been over ten years now since I left Sadiq, but memories are still fresh, as if it was only yesterday that I went for the morning P.T.

    Great old days. Oh and btw, we too used to go for an early morning (read late night) swims in the pool. A group of 3 each from Abbas and Mahmood houses used to plan it out, co-ordinate on phone, left houses in only swimming trunks, and swam to our heart's content. The late night swim used to be followed by an 'escape' and a food fiesta at whatever place we found open around Seraiki or Fuwara chowk.

    What memories.

  3. There is no place like Sadiq on earth!

  4. i am a student of Sadiq.This is my first year at Sadiq.I think that there is no school like in pakistan.Great friends and late night gup shup,its awesome.I cannot forget my last night of ist term of P7 in my boarding house,Alamgir South.I and my friends enjoyed very much.What a night it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It z the bst skwl......em proud 2 b SDN N SADIQIAN------jiay sadiq!!!!

  6. Always a proud Sadiqian! Remember the old motto;"Do the right fear no man". What a perfect way to live a life.
    Later in life ,graduated from University of Waterloo,Canada & Texas A & M ,Texas,Usa.
    Still live with the found memories of Sadiq!
    God bless you all!
    Saleem Shah
    Grad of class /1967